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About me

I started my fitness journey 9 years ago as a skinny kid with aspirations that had no idea where to start towards my goals, or even what my goals were exactly; I just knew I wanted to start working out & get bigger. So I got a set of the Perfect Push-ups and for about 6 months, it is all I did every other night. Then, for Christmas I got a bench and some weights in my basement and went to town with them [because I was intimidated by a gym]. I started reading things all over the internet, talking to people & self educating myself every way I could. Every day, I would get home & give it all I had for nearly a couple hours while blaring Linkin Park and Young Jeezy’s Recession album [don’t ask…].

Over the years, I have came a long way and have realized that fitness is my passion. Not just fitness though, but helping people realize what a difference fitness can make in your life.

Outside of fitness, I am very intrigued by business and am constantly trying to learn all I can on how to be a successful entrepreneur. I am also very into motivational things, so I may get pretty deep sometimes, forgive me.

About Austin EvansCurrently, I own a supplement store here in St. Joseph, called Fit Republic. We educate people on the importance of diet & exercise and offer supplements at competitive pricing. I also started a meal prep company that provides fresh-cooked, healthy meals at inexpensive prices, the Lean Kitchen Company.

There are a million different blog posts, diet plans, workouts, etc. that can “help” you, along with peoples’ opposite opinions for every single fitness topic you can think of. My goal is to give you all the advice and guidance based on my experiences, and simplify it to push you towards your fitness goals and success in life. Never be satisfied!

Feel free to drop by the store and chat or email me at: info[at]austinevansfitness.com.

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