Free Weights vs Machines

free weights vs machines

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Free weights vs Machines:

I’ve been getting this question a lot here lately at the gym and figured it would be a good topic to address here.

“What is better for me to be doing, machines or free weights?”

My answer is always kind of the same because I think it depends a lot on your level of fitness. If you are a beginner, I definitely recommend the machines more from the simple fact that one, the machines are less intimidating and easier to learn starting out; and two, the machines help you learn the motions of many basic lifts and teach you basic principles of lifting weights such as the importance of the stretch & flexing of the muscle groups you’re working. I think that as a person stepping in the gym and starting out for their first time, learning basic motions is a very important thing to do.

After you’ve been lifting on the machines consistently and feel ready to move on, I think that free weights open up a whole new world of working out and definitely have a lot more moves you can do and so I guess to answer the question, I would describe free weights as “better”; but not until you are doing them properly and ready for them.

I hope this answered your question if you were wondering!

Thanks for reading!

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