Determine Your Body Type

When trying to build a great body, it is very important to know how the body works and how it responds to different things.

I don’t have a masters in biology or some awesome degree because I hated school [I do enjoy learning though], but I have sought out many answers from people about the body and I believe it has really helped me progress towards my goals. It’s just like anything else in life, if you can know what’s going to happen or how something is going to respond before it happens then you already have a huge advantage.

So first things first when you start working out: determine your body type.


Ectomorph Body Type


This is actually my body type especially when I first began lifting. This type of body has longer limbs, a thinner build all over, small joints, and has trouble putting on weight [muscle or fat]. In a lot of posts, I will talk about bulking up & these are the people that I am talking to for the most part because it is easiest for me to relate to.

If you have this build then the first thing I have to tell you is to freaking eat because you aren’t going to get fat and you must eat big to get big! Your six-pack isn’t impressive when you are thin as a rail.


Mesomorph:mesomorph body type

A mesomorph still has a narrow waist, average length limbs, small joints, but most importantly can put on or lose weight fairly easily. I wish I had this body type [along with everyone else] because they can follow a healthy diet and workout and they have potential to have a very aesthetic, awesome looking build. They don’t really need to fear getting “bulky” but will find they put on muscle no problem. These people are usually referred to as “naturally fit” or “gifted”. Don’t hate em’ cause you ain’t em though. Just work your ass off.



Eendomorph body typendomorph:

An endomorph body type [opposite of an ectomorph] has wide bones, a wider waist, large joints, short limbs and is just all around a bulkier “thick” build. People with this body type gain weight easily and have to watch what they eat more. Therefore, as you can imagine this body type may have problems becoming very overweight or can build a freak massive body like many of the heavyweight bodybuilders of today.



After reading this and determining which body type you have, keep that knowledge in the back of your head and from here on out as you read different things and learn, adjust your training & diet accordingly. Obviously an endomorph doesn’t want to hear “eat big to get big”.

I feel like as I have gotten older and my body has developed, I have more of a mesomorph type body now. When I started working out though, I had a very ectomorph type body, as I was just shy of six feet and weighed around 140 pounds! So ectomorphs, stay with it, there is hope!


photo credit: PitchVision via photopin cc


I hope this was valuable for you. Thanks for reading! 

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