CBL Log: The Day After Yesterday

Carb Back Loading [CBL]:

Day 11, the day after yesterday…

Carb Back loading

Hooked on this place…

Enjoying my carbs now.

It’s day 11, the morning after my first night of carb back loading 220+ carbs! I woke up feeling pretty damn lean and vascular, which makes me once again so impressed & intrigued with how the body works.

As the day wore on today, I noticed I was not very sore from my crazy arm workout, but my arms did feel fuller than normal and more solid. Overall, I felt like I was still running off the carbs from last night and had lots of energy throughout the day.

In fact, when I woke up, I was not hungry AT ALL; so against all of my normal routine, instead of having a no carb omelet or anything for breakfast, I tried another experiment and had a large cup of coffee to hold me over until around 9:30, a couple hours after I had woken up. I then had a Quest Bar & later for lunch had the awesome low carb chipotle bowl I enjoyed many times over the past week or so, and had a burger with no bun before my workout.

After today’s workout, instead of switching it up, I went back to Panda again for almost the identical meal I had yesterday; except in place of the cream cheese rangoon, I had a couple Reese’s at home, totaling around the same amount of carbs. I don’t know how long I will be on this carb back loading grind, but I figure I’ll fill all my major cravings by the time I’m finished, whenever that day comes.

Going to get a good nights sleep now, and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’ll be working out my back tomorrow, and am going to be daydreaming up until my workout about the junk I will have afterwards.

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