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Form is everything in weightlifting. When you do any lift, proper form is what you should be focusing on. When you look in the mirror, you shouldn’t be being a douchebag checking yourself out; Good weightlifters are checking their form in the mirror. You see, everything about your form will make or break you when […]

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free weights vs machines

Free Weights vs Machines

Free weights vs Machines: I’ve been getting this question a lot here lately at the gym and figured it would be a good topic to address here. “What is better for me to be doing, machines or free weights?” My answer is always kind of the same because I think it depends a lot on […]

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Best Back Exercises

Top 3 Back Exercises for a Strong Back

Often times, you come across people in the gym working their mirror muscles: chest, abs, arms, etc… but if you want to build a truly strong, balanced body, you’ve got to dig deeper than the mirror muscles. Start with your back for example. Your back is a HUGE muscle group. Fifty percent of your body […]

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