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Conquer Your Fear of Going to the Gym!

Gym-timidation: Being Intimidated of Going to a Gym A major reason people never start working out is simply because they are intimidated by the gym. For some reason, we think that when we walk in a gym for the first time, all eyes are going to be on us; and naturally we don’t want to look like […]

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Gym Playlist

6 Songs for your Gym Playlist this Week

There are many studies showing the benefits of listening to music while working out. Personally, music has always helped me get in the zone and push harder during my workout, and I can’t stand when I have to workout without my headphones. I love all types of music and have certain songs I listen to regularly… […]

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explicit - truth

The #1 Quality Successful People Have

This whole post is going to be a rant regarding something that goes through my head frequently that I want to get off my chest and put out to the world or to anyone that cares, so forgive me if it doesn’t flow and thoughts bounce around. I am sick of negative minds. I am […]

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monday mornings

How to NOT Hate Monday Mornings

So you hate the thought of Monday mornings; you’re not alone. According to me, 90% of people whine about them [and that’s a pretty reliable source]. But how about you start taking a different angle when thinking about Mondays… What if this Monday, you get as excited for it as you do Fridays? This Monday, […]

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Mental Tips

5 Mental Tips for Instant Strength Gains

You step into the gym day in, day out, going as hard as you can in an effort to get physically stronger; but are you underestimating the power of the mind? Here are 5 mental tips that will make you stronger instantly: [1] Don’t doubt yourself pre-set Your mind hears what your body says. Have confidence in yourself and […]

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