5 Tips for Giving Workout Advice (Without Being a Jerk)

If you have been around fitness for a long time and consider yourself “advanced”, then this post is for you.

Think of a time you’ve been in the gym & seen a beginner that is doing something wrong, or a time you’ve had someone approach you for workout advice. They just want some guidance, probably look up to you, and you are the person to help…

Giving Workout Advice

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Well here’s how to help without being a know-it-all jerk:

1] Listen

How are you supposed to help them if you don’t know what it is they need help with or what their goals are? Listen to them before you start talking.

2] Keep it Simple

Remember when you first started working out? You probably didn’t know what the hell people were talking about half the time; so don’t make them feel like that. Chances are, they already realize you’re smarter about this whole workout thing. Don’t try to rub it in by casually talking about carb back loading. 😉

3] Talk TO Them, Not AT them

[This is the most important tip]

Be sure you’re talking TO them and not talking down to them at all. Once again, they already know that you’re more knowledgeable about this, so you don’t need to be condescending. Being humble is way, way cooler than being cocky.

People will enjoy learning from you and conversing with you if you are helpful & humble. The second you’re a jerk about something, you’re no longer the “cool guy to ask for help” anymore; you become the jackass. Don’t be the jackass.

4] Educate

Be sure to correct them and set them on the right track if they have been misinformed about something & teach them things from your experiences.

Don’t do it in a know it all fashion though. Always remember number 3 on this list.

5] Leave the Door Open

The gym intimidates a lot of people; so if you are willing to be the nice guy that helps them, then let them know you’re always open to helping them in the future. Answering questions they have, giving them a spot on lifts, etc… They will appreciate it more than you know.

Imagine if when you were beginning your workout journey, you had someone to help you with things. It may get old sometimes being the helpful person that everyone is coming to with questions but it should make you feel good to be that person. We’re all in this together!

Thanks for reading!

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