Lumberjack Workout: Chopping Wood

I once read that chopping wood was one of the manliest ways to burn fat. I personally don’t care if someone perceives my workout as ‘manly’ or not, think what you want of me [I mean a lot of guys including NFL players do yoga]… but I can tell you this: chopping wood will kick your ass.

According to that post, one can burn 400 calories/hour chopping wood. I think an even better way to put it is that it is probably equivalent to doing 4500 sets of hyperextensions in a workout.

I’ve chopped firewood many times in the past & recently chopped all this wood, which enticed me to make a post about how good of a workout it is:


chopping wood

Don’t underestimate loading & unloading the wood either.

You haven’t had an intense lower back workout until if you’ve chopped a bunch of wood. And I can almost guarantee, the next day you will wake up feeling like an old man, but it’ll be a good workout kind of sore.

Pro tip:

I’m not one to say very often, “I got my workout doing so and so, therefore I don’t need to go to the gym.” I hear it pretty often when someone moves a piece of furniture or does any kind of physical labor outside of the gym; and I think it’s a lazy ass excuse to not go to the gym.

But next time your chopping wood and get finished, do have some protein to help with soreness because even though you weren’t in the gym, you definitely got a workout.

So if you ever have the chance, grab an axe and start swingin!

Chopping Wood

Enjoy a nice fire after your hard work is done.

Thanks for reading!!

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