Conquer Your Fear of Going to the Gym!

fear of going to the gym

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Gym-timidation: Being Intimidated of Going to a Gym

A major reason people never start working out is simply because they are intimidated by the gym. For some reason, we think that when we walk in a gym for the first time, all eyes are going to be on us; and naturally we don’t want to look like idiots…

I faced this myself. I was a little skin n’ bones prick and wanted to bulk up so bad but thought, “there is no way in hell I’m going to the gym when I probably can’t bench press with a single plate on each side.” But instead of letting this stop me, I just put off going to the gym for a while, got myself some perfect pushups and shortly after, a weight set, and began at home. I did my own thing at home for about a year, and when I felt a little more confident, I stepped foot in the gym.

Well I’ve learned now, that the only people in a gym, watching what anyone else is doing, is the first timers; Because I can tell you that personally, I never pay attention to anyone.

So if you are one of those people that gym-timidation is holding you back, here are a few tips to help you get past it and get you to the gym. Don’t let such a dumb excuse stand in between you and your goals; and trust me you will later agree, it is a dumb excuse.


  • Dress comfortably. I always joke about “look good, lift good”, but what I really mean is if you are comfortable and like your outfit, it will be one less dumb thing for you to worry about.
  • Bring your headphones with a playlist of songs you enjoy, ready to go. Have enough songs on your playlist to last the duration of your workout. Music stops, you stop, no earlier! The music will also help you keep your mind off your surroundings. Not to mention, if you’re anything like me, music pushes me so much harder in my workouts and keeps me focused.
  • When you arrive, find a stretching station [aerobics room, for example] & observe the gym as you walk to the water fountain or restroom. Get your mind in the right state for your workout and get a feel for where everything is in the gym [certain machines you want to use, free weights, cardio equipment, etc…]. When I say observe the gym, I mean literally the gym. Don’t be watching people, psyching yourself out. Remember, no one gives a shit you’re there, I swear.
  • Now go to work! Don’t slack, get after it, and keep your end goal in mind. FOCUS.


As time goes on & you start to feel more comfortable, don’t be afraid to talk to people. You don’t have to talk anyone’s ear off and they’ll probably rather you not when they’re in the middle of their workout, but build some friendships over time with people and you will feel welcome in the gym much quicker.


Most importantly, remember that every single person in there started right where you are now.”


EVERYONE IN THERE STARTED WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Most people [probably 90% of people] will be very welcoming and are there to help you. And always remember where you started when you do reach your goals.


If you know anyone that faces gym-timidation, please share this article with him or her.


[One last thought that sums things up: Don’t let fear of being in front of people you don’t even know stop you. Think about that, really. You’re afraid of what people think, that you don’t even know… Come on.]

Conquer your Fear

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