My Carb Back Loading Experience

Carb Back Loading:

Before reading this, check out this article about carb back loading so you understand what it is. I was going to write my own informative carb back loading post but I just assume that you read that, because it is so well written by Jeremy Scott.

…So, now that you’ve read that, I am just beginning my journey into carb back loading! I attempted it once a few years ago but didn’t go ‘all in’ due to bitching out because of the lack of carbs. But this time there is no stopping me and I’m giving it a try. Why? Reason #1, I hope to have some great results from it & really lean up. Reason #2 is because as the years pass of lifting and being so into fitness, I am finding that I enjoy more & more, experimenting with my body to see how it reacts to different diets, supplements, workouts, etc. And I figured, why not log my journey here, so you can know how my experience with the diet goes!

So to get started, I had to go to Hy-Vee Sunday night and load up on food for the first ten ‘no carb’ days. Here is what I got:


carb back loading


For my Breakfast:

I got raw maple syrup pork sausages to cook; I was shocked these had no carbs due to the sweet syrup flavor but they didn’t. Along with Southwestern flavored “egg beaters”, which are all egg whites. Eggs do a good job of keeping me full through the morning and these have a tasty kick to them.

For my Lunches/Dinners/Snacks:

You will notice the Morning Star Veggie burgers towards the left, I highly recommend them; they are delicious & boast around 15g of protein, with only 3-5 carbs [FYI: the black bean burgers are the best].

On the right, you see lots of meat [have to keep that protein intake up], what you’re seeing are chicken sausages. They are super good, very low in fats & carbs.

The large round sausage is Andouille sausage, which I dip in the white queso [very left] along with dipping the celery in it [celery makes a good substitute for chips]. Cheese is my best friend on this no carb thing to give things some extra flavor.

And my favorite purchase that I have to mention, are the box of Quest Bars. I’m obsessed with Quest Bars, no lie. Cookies n’ Cream is what I bought then, because I already had a box of my addiction at home: Cookie Dough Quest Bars. They fix any sweet tooth you could have, do it better than actual cookies or brownies, and have 20-some grams of protein, lots of fiber, and barely any carbs. Sooo damn good. You MUST try them if you haven’t.

For Drinks:

I am not a soda drinker at all but I do however, sometimes get tired of water. What I got to take care of my craving for something flavored to drink was Splenda sweetened sweet tea & Crystal Light to-go packs to put in water bottles. The Crystal Light packs are awesome & you can get them with caffeine too if you need a kick in the ass. I also had some Powerade Zero at work. And of course, had protein powder as well.


↓  Check below to see how it goes  ↓


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Check back for updates!

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