LKCo. Roasted Broccoli Recipe

LKCo. Roasted Broccoli Recipe

CAUTION: You may get addicted to this!

I am a big fan of vegetables cooked on the grill & eat them very frequently in the summer. But to switch it up & to have a delicious vegetable recipe that can be cooked inside when it’s freezing out, I highly recommend trying your broccoli like this. This is how we prepare our roasted broccoli in Lean Kitchen meals.

Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Roasted Broccoli Recipe


I have been enjoying this recipe for the last couple years & everyone I make it for insists on having the recipe. It is very simple & a great fit for prepping meals.

Put foil on the pan to make cleanup easier. I do skip the pine nuts in the recipe. I also use minced garlic in the jar to avoid my hands stinking and having to cut up garlic cloves. I recommend lots of lemon juice at the end; it really brings out the flavor. Leave it in the oven until a majority of the florets are blackening. And lastly, I recommend you make a lot because you and everyone you make it for will be eating a ton.

[Curveball: This same recipe can be done with asparagus and tastes great too!]

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy!

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