If you are “dieting” and are strictly doing it by counting calories, please stop!

Stop Counting Calories!

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Let’s take a typical situation here in America: You are having a busy day and go to a drive-thru for your late lunch (on your strict 1500 calorie diet), you decide to order a burger with a side of fries and a DIET soda [because since it’s diet, it’s healthy of course…], and in regards to the ‘diet’ you’re on, you confidently think to yourself, “It’s okay because I have only had 300 calories today and haven’t eaten since breakfast!”

All of that is what pisses me off about diets only concerning calorie intake. I don’t know what made people believe along the way that this is the healthy route but it is absolutely wrong. Why, you may ask?

Your body has been starving the whole day and due to this has gone into a catabolic state. Along with your body going catabolic, your metabolism is going to be slowed way down because you haven’t eaten since breakfast. So this will do the opposite of what your goals are with this ‘diet’. And of course you aren’t getting proper nutritional value in these meals at all.

In my opinion, people like counting calories as a diet and believe in it because it sounds easy and they don’t know any better. It’s easy to add up the numbers and say you hit your goal for the day. Also, over the years, there have been so many fad diets portraying that losing weight is all about counting calories, thus misinforming people. The truth is though, is that you need to educate yourself on how the food you’re consuming is affecting your body and how it is reacting at different times to these foods. Portion control, healthy choices [learn about macros], and meal timing are the key to a real, healthy diet.

If you skip breakfast daily, love your carb heavy foods, and don’t want to eat any veggies with your lunches and dinners, then it doesn’t matter if you are hitting your target of 1500 calories/day and hit it every single day; chances are you may lose a few pounds at the beginning due to cutting back your intake & burning up some muscle … and then your weight will stall, and you will continue to be on an unhealthy track.

Your body responds to different foods with different hormonal effects: Store this as fat, build muscle with this, burn this as energy… And its response to the same exact food at two different times of the day may be completely different sometimes.

[Note: If you are trying to put on weight and bulk up, this post is for you too. You need to eat big to get big, and I don’t mean 4,000 calories of brownies a day to get big. You will get big; not in the way you want to.]

I will say, counting calories is good when used as a guide of how much you are eating, but that is it. Dump the processed, high carb junk if you want to lose fat and become healthier. Learn about your body’s responses to foods at different times of the day and start a real diet!

1500 calories of cupcakes will poise different results than 1500 calories of chicken breasts.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading! I hope you learned from this!

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