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Protein Shakes

Why Should I Take Protein Shakes?

“Why should I take protein shakes?” This is a question I get multiple times a week from people starting out at the gym, whether they’re trying to lose weight or get bigger. Taking protein shakes can be beneficial for people with either goal. There are many articles out there on this topic but they are almost […]

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Shoulder Workout

Boulders Shoulder Workout

I had an intense shoulder workout this morning that I feel like it wouldn’t be right if I kept to myself. So here are the main exercises I did; I say the “main exercises” because I’m not big on the whole “follow this workout exactly” type of working out and incorporated a lot of other […]

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A goal without a plan is a wish

4 Tips When Starting Working out

You all know a person that has “started a diet” or “started a workout program” and then quit within weeks, or even days. Maybe even you are guilty of this. One main reason for this (besides laziness and excuses) is because the only goal you have set is your end goal of looking like Mr/Mrs […]

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Form is everything in weightlifting. When you do any lift, proper form is what you should be focusing on. When you look in the mirror, you shouldn’t be being a douchebag checking yourself out; Good weightlifters are checking their form in the mirror. You see, everything about your form will make or break you when […]

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