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Best Back Exercises

Top 3 Back Exercises for a Strong Back

Often times, you come across people in the gym working their mirror muscles: chest, abs, arms, etc… but if you want to build a truly strong, balanced body, you’ve got to dig deeper than the mirror muscles. Start with your back for example. Your back is a HUGE muscle group. Fifty percent of your body […]

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monday mornings

How to NOT Hate Monday Mornings

So you hate the thought of Monday mornings; you’re not alone. According to me, 90% of people whine about them [and that’s a pretty reliable source]. But how about you start taking a different angle when thinking about Mondays… What if this Monday, you get as excited for it as you do Fridays? This Monday, […]

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Mental Tips

5 Mental Tips for Instant Strength Gains

You step into the gym day in, day out, going as hard as you can in an effort to get physically stronger; but are you underestimating the power of the mind? Here are 5 mental tips that will make you stronger instantly: [1] Don’t doubt yourself pre-set Your mind hears what your body says. Have confidence in yourself and […]

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How Does Alcohol Affect my Progress?

When it comes to alcohol, we all know it can make us a have a kickass [or horrible] night we may not forget [or remember]. But will alcohol affect your gains & progress in the gym? Yes, there are tons of negative effects of alcohol. It can slow protein synthesis way down [a.k.a. slow your […]

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