Different Types of Proteins

You may not be aware, but there are many different types of proteins out there. When you can distinguish how they are different from one another, you will understand the times when it may be more appropriate to take one versus the other.

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Whey Protein:

This is the most common type of protein you will hear about in the supplement world. It is the fastest digesting protein, therefore the one that you want to consume when your body is craving nutrients immediately [Post-Workout], but it isn’t a great option for a meal replacement due to the fact it digests so quickly. It is in your body for roughly 30-60 minutes.

Whey Protein does come in a few forms:

  • Concentrate [Cheapest, most basic form. ex: NutraBio Whey Concentrate]
  • Isolate [Faster digesting than concentrate due to being more purified, can be free of carbs, fat, etc. ex: NutraBio Isolate]
  • Hydrolyzed [$$$, most pure, high quality whey with an extremely high and quick absorption rate. Ex: 1st Phorm Phormula-1]

Casein Protein:

This is an extremely slow digesting protein that goes to work in your body in a strange way. After it is consumed, it forms a gel in your stomach and is absorbed by your body over 6-8 hours. Sounds freaky, but casein protein has its place. It is the ideal protein to take before bed so your body doesn’t become catabolic overnight, and due to its slow digestion it is great when dieting to lose weight because it acts as an appetite suppressant.

[Note: most of the protein in milk is casein]

These are the main two types of proteins you will find yourself using. Yes, there are many others out there such as egg protein [digests in about 2 hours] or soy protein. I personally, don’t suggest using soy protein due to all of the controversial studies out there of it lowering testosterone. It has its perks as it is heart healthy, etc… but it doesn’t impress me enough to recommend.

When protein shopping you will come across many tubs that are a blend of multiple protein types. I like them and highly recommend them! Proteins such as NAN Matrix or Level-1 are ideal for getting your body the fast digesting whey it needs to satisfy your body in the moment, but also includes the slower digesting proteins to mimic the digestion of real food & keep you full for hours. This makes proteins like these an excellent meal replacement and very versatile protein powder since they can be used any time during the day!


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