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anabolic vs catabolic

Anabolic vs Catabolic

Anabolic vs Catabolic: What’s it mean? When people hear the term “anabolic” they immediately think “OMG STEROIDS!!!”(or have no clue…) But newsflash: Anabolism is a metabolic state that your body either is or isn’t in right this second. And if you aren’t in an anabolic state right now, than you’re in a catabolic state, another metabolic […]

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carb back loading

My Carb Back Loading Experience

Carb Back Loading: Before reading this, check out this article about carb back loading so you understand what it is. I was going to write my own informative carb back loading post but I just assume that you read that, because it is so well written by Jeremy Scott. …So, now that you’ve read that, […]

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